What can subscribers expect of The Epoch Times?

Truthful news at a time when fake and twisted news is widespread.

News and issues that matter instead of trivial or sensational stories.

True independence without spin and free from political agendas and influence.

Positive and inspiring aspects of stories that give people joy and optimism – like a life companion or friend for people to lean on.

Truthful reporting on the most important topics: Important China-related news that other media often choose to omit.

Traditional journalism that upholds virtue, ethics, and morality in the face of degenerated and corrupt journalism practices.

Exposure of the pervasive, worldwide influence of communism—an imminent threat that seeks to destroy traditional values and break apart stable societies.

Reports on traditional cultures and ancient wisdom that hold the keys to unlocking health, well-being, and enduring happiness.

Encouragement of integrity, humanity, and hope!